Chicken Dick
The Concept X Chicken Dick prevents that the chicken loop slips out of the harness hook. This increases safety while kiting because the chicken loop can not inadvertently fall out of the harness hook. The long velcro also allows attachment to thicker or with neoprene coated harness hook. The Concept X Chicken Dick increases the safety while kiting.
Harness Knife
Safety first !! This important accessory is a Must have for all Kitesurfer! Kite lines are razor blade sharp and if you are in trouble with your lines or with someone elses lines you can easily cut the kitelines with the special Concept X safety Kiteknife without hurting yourselve. The Concept X kiteknife is a favorable and efficient tool for an emergency.
Harness McCoy
The new Kite-waist-harness is equiped by a complete neoprene interior and exterior. The 3D foamed back padding, combined with ergonomic formed patches, gives a pefect fit. This harness fits like a glove! Features: Ergonomic 3D foamed and padded inner back support / flexible double waistbelt closure system / adjustable handle pass leash with HD leash ring / soft padded double secured spreader plate / Spreader downhaul system double fixed spreader bar system, fixed by inside spreader plate screws / neoprene spreader protector / all around soft neoprene flex edge / well-tried, reliable Quick release system / Available sizes: S / M / L / XL / XXL