Fin HC red
High-quality HC fin. Fits for all Kiteboards. Thread M6, without screws. Available in 6cm, 5cm, 4cm.
Fin Washer
Fin Washer for mounting the finscrews on the board. The Fin Washer also protects the board from pressure points by the screw heads. Available in transparent or black.
Fin Wave Blade Quad
High performance Fins for light to heavy rider. Front fins provides maximum grip through the large base and allow radical turns through the flat sided shape with the narrow tips. Rear fins offer a loose feeling. This combination offers a wide range of use for all conditions, from small to big waves. Future Base Größe: M/L - (68kg - 95kg) Front fins Höhe: 4.53" / 11.5 cm Base: 4.33" / 11 cm Area: 14.95" Rear fins Höhe: 3.93" / 10 cm Base: 4.02" / 10.2 cm Area: 11.5"