CTX / Pad Strap
Fusion Pro Set
The new Concept X high performance combo, consisting of fusion pad and Professional Strap is state of the art. The asymmetrical strap is variable adjustable with Velcro on both sides and offers a wide adjustment range (approx. 37-46 shoe size). The AUTO-lock system makes the combination very easy to assemble and twisting is prevented. Strap and pad provide a a perfect fit. The strap is very comfortable on the foot through thick neoprene padding on the inside. The ultra-comfortable Concept X fusion pads provide premium comfort and best ergonomic support through optimal cushioning. The Pads offers an excellent grip because of its ergonomically designed and specially recessed steps in the footbed. The pads assist the driver in the highest degree for optimal "foot-to-board" feel and optimal board control. The pads can be installed on all standard boards with inserts and on slot systems.
Kiteset Pro DLX X Series
The brand new developed Pro DLX Pad / Strap Set is a "Must-have" !! The adjustment of the straps is huge because of the ability to adjust on both sides! Strap/Pad combination of Professional strap and Full Sense Pad. The AUTO-LOCK System guarantees a simple and fast mounting and the strap is fixed and cannot drill. The 3D Pad with Shock Absorbing padding and the asymetric Straps offers highest comfort while riding. Fits from size 4-12