The brand Concept X stands for passion, innovation and straightness.

In a few years only, Concept X has become an authority in the windsurfing- and kitesurfing sector.
From the beginning the satisfaction of our customers was and still is our strongest motive.
We do without consciously on expensive video productions and permanent, often immature novelties, which
disappear at the end of a season. Such immature novelties cause high costs. Through this, the existing products
are offered unnecessarily overexpensively. We do without it.

It is our philosophy to offer the customer professional and innovative products.

We don't primarily invest in advertising and videos but permanently testing to keep our products on the highest
technical level. With small updates, some of our first-class products may remain another season in our program,
too. This makes us able to offer high-end products to our customers at fair prices and for the customer without
paying half of the product price for advertising and video productions at the end.
For sure, it was and still is not the easy way, but it is an honest, true and right way, for sure.

The continuos increase of demand for our innovative high-end Concept X products confirms us to go on with our

We also would be very pleased to be able to fill you with enthusiasm about our products as a long-term customer.

If you are doing your sport with a permanent smile, this is the strongest drive for us.

Concept X - for those who ride with passion